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Available in Black or Silver and using V-ROC and DSR technology, these rock solid race and stunt proven convertible handlebars reduce vibration and allow an incredible 6 dimensions of convertibility! These sets contain all the hardware needed to complete most installations, however longer lines and other components may be required on some motorcycles. Click to the left for all available bike kits.


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  • Stunt Series ConvertiBARS Stunt Risers Stunt Series ConvertiBARS Stunt Series ConvertiBARS

    Stunt Series ConvertiBARS

    Stunt Series ConvertiBARS These products are specifically designed out stronger 7075 aluminum. This style is for stunt riders and may or may not appeal to the average rider. Stunt Series ConvertiBARS allow height, width, reach and hand angle adjustments...

  • The RHINO Clip Ons

    Rhino Adjustable Clip-ons (With V-ROC Technology)

    The Rhino 50mm Adjustable Clip-onsAvailable in silver and initially in limited sizes, these Clip-ons use V-ROC technology which reduces vibration, allows 16 degrees of down angle adjustability, and have a Rock Solid Feel. These sets contain all the...

12 of 12 Items