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Aprilia RSVR1000 Factory(04+) Bike Specific Kit

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The Aprilia RSVR1000 Factory(04+) is a confirmed ConvertiBARS installation.

A confirmed installation means that ConvertiBARS, and or a customer, have successfully installed a ConvertiBARS Kit on a motorcycle within the range of years listed above and the rise listed below has been achieved, with or without longer lines, while being able to reach the steering stops without permanent damage to the motorcycle. The year range noted above is only an estimate of the years that the motorcycle appears to have had little or no change to the handlebars and fairing, and so the installer should find similar installation issues as noted in the bike specific install notes. A confirmed installation however, does not mean the kit is guaranteed to fit. ConvertiBARS is not liable for any labor times or costs associated with the installation or un-installation of either ConvertiBARS or the stock handlebars. Positioning restrictions between low and high positions do exist. See bike specific install notes for other installation and positioning issues.
*Maximum ConvertiBARS positioning capability.
Measurements are in inches, relative to the stock position, and with Proper Length Lines Position restrictions between low and high positions do exist. Measurements calculated with default handlebar below. See Bottom of page for rise capability with stock lines Fore = Further from the rider, Aft = Closer to the rider.
Vertical Horizontal
Below Above Fore Aft
0 3 1 1
Important Installation Considerations.
Stock Clutch line will allow 3" of rise if rerouted. 
*Max Rise allowed with stock lines.
Stock Hydraulic Brake Line    0
Stock Hydraulic Clutch Line    2
Stock Throttle Line    3
Stock Electrical Lines    3
*ConvertiBARS travel relative to the stock location; measurements are in inches.