Up or Down, Forward or Back. You choose the riding position that's right for you!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Shipping? How Long does it take? How do you ship?

USA $14- $65 per kit
International $28 - $175 per kit

Shipping rates calculated on this site include a handling fee as well
Most packages weigh between 6-10lbs and are 14"x14"x5" in size.

Shipping within the USA: We ship UPS and cost is about $15 for Ground to about $26-$70 for 3-day,2nd-day, or Next day.

USA Military: We ship USPS to all Military address(PTO,APO, etc) and costs are similar to shipping within the USA

International: Ship via United States Postal Service and the rates range from about $28-$175 per kit, depending on how fast and how far. Import taxes, brokerage fees, and duties are assesed in your country and we do not have any information on what these fees will be. You can contact a local shipping company and inquire in your country.

Most kits ship within 1-3 working days from the order. There are special instances where some shipments may take up to 10 days for processing, and if a part is back ordered, that part could take 6-8 weeks to ship. If you need your kit by a exact date, be sure to call or specify this in your order.

You can see actual shipping costs(before you need to enter a credit card) by going to the "Fit Your Bike" Page.

Are my lines long enough?

Most kits can be installed with stock lines, however, the amount of rise you will achieve will depend on the specific motorcycle and the length of the lines, stock or aftermarket.

To get an idea of how much rise you can achieve, go to the "Shop" drop down menu and select the "Bike Specific Kits" link. All the details for your bike will show up here.

How are ConvertiBARS different than on the other products market?

ConvertiBARS give the rider the best of all worlds, where Risers give the rider the worst of all worlds...

ConvertiBARS allow the rider to quickly and easily select and change riding positions. Not only can you position the ConvertiBARS up and down, but you can position ConvertiBARS foreword and back and you can even change the down angle, making them incredibly flexible and adaptable to the rider. The key to the system is that the clamp, riser, and handlebar can each be positioned independently from one another, allowing 6 independent dimensions of convertibility.

Risers or Riser Handlebars are what most people know. Risers do help to raise the rider up a little bit, and this solves a few riders' issues. The problem with risers is that they are a fixed change offering little rise, and little or no adjustability to fit the rider. The rider gets what the manufacturer decides to make, and there is no changing. Therefore, risers make the sport bike less sporty, yet don't offer enough rise for any kind of real comfort. Risers give the rider the worst of both worlds...

On the other hand, ConvertiBARS give the rider the best of all worlds: Significant rise when you want it, incredible adjustability to fit the bike to the rider, and the option to select different riding positions at will.

Whether or not you just want to customize the position of the handlebars one time, or you would like to convert them back and forth on a regular basis, selecting the riding position you want, quickly and easily, is what is uniquely ConvertiBARS.

What is V-ROC Vibration Reduction?

V-ROC stands for "Vibration Reducing Offset Collet ". The Patent Pending V-ROC technology used on ConvertiBARS makes for a rock solid feel, allows 16 degrees of down angle change, and dramatically reduces vibration to the rider. Vibration measurements were taken on a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R1000 with the stock handlebars and handlebars with the V-ROC technology. The comparative results showed that V-ROC equipped handlebars transmitted up to 30% less vibration at cruising speeds when compared to the stock handlebars.

What is DSR Technology?

DSR stands for "Dual Split Ring". The patented DSR technology used on ConvertiBARS, allows the cylindrical de-coupling of the Cyclops fork clamp and handlebar riser. This technology allows both the clamp and handlebar to be positioned independent of each other, adding several new dimensions of convertibility not previously offered in any other handlebar system.

Will They Fit My Bike?

We have kits that fit many sport bikes, standards, and even some cruisers. If your motorcycle is not listed, we offer Universal Kits.

Go to the "Shop" drop down menu and select 'Bike Specific Kits" or "Universal Kits"

How easy are they to install?

For those who do not like to mess with any mechanical things on your bike, you local dealer should be able to install the Kits in about 2 hours. Add time if longer lines are required or desired. If they are not a dealer, have them contact us to set them up as a dealer or they can buy the kits from Tucker Rocky Distributing.

For those who like to work on their bikes, but don't like to mess with longer lines, we recommend that you take your bike to a mechanic to have the longer lines installed prior to the base kit installation. Once longer lines are installed, the installation of the base kit should take between 2-4 hours depending on your bike and your personal work style. More time should be factored in if you tend to spend a lot of time thinking and studying.

For those who like to work on their bikes, including installing lines, installation should take between 2-6 hours depending on your bike and your personal work style. More time should be factored in if you tend to spend a lot of time thinking and studying.

To get a better idea of what it takes to do the install, and what tools are required, go to the "Learn" drop down menu and select the "Installation Instruction" button.

In any case, be sure to print out your "Bike Specific Install Notes" on the Learn" drop down menu. These details are not included in the Installation Instructions that will arrive with your kit but you will need these notes during the installation.

Will they screw up the handling of my bike?

With the ConvertiBARS in the stock position, the bike will handle and feel exactly like the stock set up. Weather the handlebars are above or below the stock position, we have found only predictable stable handling characteristics on all the models we have tested.

Will it screw up the wiring and cabling on the bike?

Stock lines can be used on most motorcycles with ConvertiBARS. Some motorcycle's stock lines however, will restrict the range of positioning of the ConvertiBARS. If you would like to take advantage of the travel allowed by the ConvertiBARS, and your stock lines are not long enough, we do offer longer lines for most motorcycles.

Most motorcycles have excess electrical line length tied up inside the fairings and or frame that can be freed up and to offer a significant amount or rise.

Are they strong enough?

We have put the ConvertiBARS through a battery of testing, including laboratory testing, including both riding and crash testing on the open road, and on the race track.

In laboratory testing with clean and dry parts and the clamp bolts torqued to 18-20 ft-lb, at force angles equal to real world riding, the bars hold over 800lbs on the rider, and movement beyond initial movement , requires a continuous 800lbs of force. Ultimate failure occurs as the riser bends at over 1000lbs. Failure of parts in testing was always bending and no catastrophic failure ever occurred.

In crashing a motorcycle, the goal is to reduce the "dig in" which can cause worse injury to the rider and higher damage to the motorcycle. The result from crashing motorcycles at speeds ranging from 30-80mph, equipped with a set of ConvertiBARS, was that the ConvertiBARS handlebars folded as designed, resulting in a "skid" and no "dig in". Fixed handlebars have a tendency to dig into the ground causing the motorcycle to tumble possibly landing on the rider and injuring the rider. ConvertiBARS are design to be strong enough for any riding situation, but at speed, will fold reducing the Dig in and increasing the likelihood of the motorcycle staying on the ground and skidding away from the rider. In each crash described above, the rider was wearing protective clothing, was uninjured and the bike had little to no structural damage. In some cases, one of the ConvertiBARS handlebars was slightly bent, but the system was fully intact and the structural integrity was unaffected.

Will they move or slip like some other products I've tried?

Installed, positioned, and tightened properly, Convertibars will not move under even the most extreme riding conditions.The Convertibars Cyclops Clamp will often times increase the surface contact area by 30% compared to many stock clip-ons. More contact area = more holding power.

Riders around the world trust Convertibars in all kinds of riding conditions. Stunters and Racers alike trust Convertibars with their lives. See FAQ "Are they strong enough?" for details on strength and go to the "Experience" drop down menu to see Convertibars used for both Racing and Stunting.

Satisfaction Guarantee? Product Warranty?

If you are not completely satisfied with our product you can return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. All parts must be in new condition and not altered in any way. Hydraulic lines are not returnable if hydraulic fluid has been put into the lines.

Convertibars may be returned for defects in materials and/or workmanship within 5 years of the purchase date. Purchaser may recieve a complete replacement kit and/or individual parts or componenets that are deemed defective solely at the discretion of Convertibars. A return authorization must be expressly obtained from Convertibars prior to returning any product.

Products not manufactured by Convertibars are covered by that manufacturers warranty policies.

Can I tie down my motorcycle using the handlebars?

Yes with care. Be sure the bolts are all tight before you tie down and we recommend compressing the front forks less than 2 inches when tying down

Privacy and Security Policices?

We are commited to protecting your privacy.While we may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our web site, we will not sell or provide that information to anyone.

Your payment and personal information is always safe. Our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available for secure transactions.All your personal information, including name, address, and credit card number, are encrypted to make them incapable of being read overthe internet.